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ReleaseNotes - These are the Release Notes for 1.20


These are the major changes since version 1.19


Thanks to Bernd Ulmann for giving me access to his VAX and the help of the vmsperl community, I have added support for OpenVMS.

Major changes since 1.19

  1. Test::Smoke::SysInfo is a work in progress. Some more tweaking for Solaris was done with the help of Alan Burlison and Davis Woolger.

  2. I order to support systems without rsync(1) access, I have added Test::Smoke::FTPClient that syncs source-trees with Net::FTP from the ActiveState ftp repository. It is slow, but gets the job done.

  3. A lot of filename/directoryname issues with VMS were resolved.

  4. A new way to get testresults directly from "make test_harness" was introduced to help VMS (and perhaps Win32).

  5. Jarkko Hietaniemi supplied a way to add C compiler messages to the smoke report.

  6. Patches applied through the pfile mechanism now support a third argument that represents a patch description. This (optional) description is also added to patchlevel.h.

    Added a new "Locally applied patches:" section to the smoke report.

  7. The longtime TODO item of patching with forest setup has been resolved. For this type of setup, first the intermediate tree is patched and then the build tree is resynced from that.


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