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Regexp::Common::comment -- provide regexes for comments.


    use Regexp::Common qw /comment/;

    while (<>) {
        /$RE{comment}{C}/       and  print "Contains a C comment\n";
        /$RE{comment}{C++}/     and  print "Contains a C++ comment\n";
        /$RE{comment}{PHP}/     and  print "Contains a PHP comment\n";
        /$RE{comment}{Java}/    and  print "Contains a Java comment\n";
        /$RE{comment}{Perl}/    and  print "Contains a Perl comment\n";
        /$RE{comment}{awk}/     and  print "Contains an awk comment\n";
        /$RE{comment}{HTML}/    and  print "Contains an HTML comment\n";

    use Regexp::Common qw /comment RE_comment_HTML/;

    while (<>) {
        $_ =~ RE_comment_HTML() and  print "Contains an HTML comment\n";


Please consult the manual of Regexp::Common for a general description of the works of this interface.

Do not use this module directly, but load it via Regexp::Common.

This modules gives you regular expressions for comments in various languages.

Available languages are:

        $RE{comment}{Beatnik}        # Require at least Perl 5.8.0
        $RE{comment}{'Crystal Report'}
        $RE{comment}{Dylan}          # Require at least Perl 5.6.0.
        $RE{comment}{Haskell}        # Require at least Perl 5.6.0.
        $RE{comment}{Hugo}           # Require at least Perl 5.6.0.

$RE{comment}{vi} is a regular expression matching comments used in vi's startup file .exrc, while $RE{comment}{zonefile} is a regular expression matching comments in zonefiles for bind.

For HTML, the regular expression captures what's known in SGML as a comment declaration. It starts with a <!, ends with a > and contains zero or more comments. Each comment starts and end with --. See also [Go 90].

Note that Beatnik uses capturing parenthesis, even if {-keep} is not used.

If we are using C{-keep} (See Regexp::Common):

For Ada, ALPACA, awk, beta-Juliet, Befunge-98, C, Crystal Report, Eiffel, Funge-98, Haifu, ILLGOL, LaTeX, LOGO, LPC, lua, Perl, Portia, Python, Q-BAL, REBOL, Ruby, shell, Shelta, Smalltalk, SMITH, SQL, TeX, Tcl, troff, vi, *W, and zonefile:

captures the entire match


captures the opening comment marker


captures the contents of the comment


captures the closing comment marker

For Beatnik, Brainfuck, C++, Dylan, FPL, Haskell, Hugo, Java, PHP, and SQL_MySQL:

captures the entire match


captures the entire match


captures the MDO (<!).


captures the content between the MDO and the MDC.


captures the (last) comment, without the COMs (--).


captures the MDC (>).


[Go 90]

Charles F. Goldfarb: The SGML Handbook. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 1990. ISBN 0-19-853737-9. Ch. 10.3, pp 390-391.


 $Log: comment.pm,v $
 Revision 2.104  2003/02/21 14:48:06  abigail
 Crystal Reports

 Revision 2.103  2003/02/11 09:39:08  abigail

 Revision 2.102  2003/02/07 15:23:54  abigail
 Lua and FPL

 Revision 2.101  2003/02/01 22:55:31  abigail
 Changed Copyright years

 Revision 2.100  2003/01/21 23:19:40  abigail
 The whole world understands RCS/CVS version numbers, that 1.9 is an
 older version than 1.10. Except CPAN. Curse the idiot(s) who think
 that version numbers are floats (in which universe do floats have
 more than one decimal dot?).
 Everything is bumped to version 2.100 because CPAN couldn't deal
 with the fact one file had version 1.10.

 Revision 1.19  2002/11/06 13:51:34  abigail
 Minor POD changes.

 Revision 1.18  2002/09/18 18:13:01  abigail
 Fixes for 5.005

 Revision 1.17  2002/09/04 17:04:24  abigail

 Revision 1.16  2002/08/27 16:50:50  abigail
 Patterns for Beatnik, Befunge-98, Funge-98 and W*.

 Revision 1.15  2002/08/22 17:04:03  abigail
 SMITH added

 Revision 1.14  2002/08/22 16:41:25  abigail
 + Added function 'id' and 'from_to' with associated data.
 + Added function 'combine' for languages having multiple syntaxes.
 + Added 'Shelta'

 Revision 1.13  2002/08/21 16:00:32  abigail
 beta-Juliet, Portia, ILLGOL and Brainfuck.

 Revision 1.12  2002/08/20 17:40:37  abigail
 - Created a 'nested' function (simplified version from
 - Comments that use 'from' to eol or balanced (nested) delimiters
   are now generated from a data array.
 - Added Hugo and Haifu.

 Revision 1.11  2002/08/05 12:16:58  abigail
 Fixed 'Regex::' and 'Rexexp::' typos to 'Regexp::'
 (Found my Mike Castle).

 Revision 1.10  2002/07/31 23:33:16  abigail
 Documented that Haskell and Dylan comments need at least 5.6.0.

 Revision 1.9  2002/07/31 23:12:29  abigail
 Dylan and Haskell comments can be nested, hence version 5.6.0 of Perl
 is needed to be able to make a regex matching them.

 Revision 1.8  2002/07/31 14:48:16  abigail
 Added LOGO (to please petdance)

 Revision 1.7  2002/07/31 13:06:41  abigail
 Dealt with -keep for Haskell and Dylan.

 Revision 1.6  2002/07/31 00:54:00  abigail
 Added comments for Haskell, Dylan, Smalltalk and MySQL.

 Revision 1.5  2002/07/30 16:38:23  abigail
 Added support for the languages: LaTeX, Tcl, TeX and troff.

 Revision 1.4  2002/07/26 16:48:12  abigail
 Simplied datastructure for the languages that use single line comments.

 Revision 1.3  2002/07/26 16:37:20  abigail
 Added new languages: Ada, awk, Eiffel, Java, LPC, PHP, Python,
 REBOL, Ruby, vi and zonefile.

 Revision 1.2  2002/07/25 22:37:44  abigail
 Added 'use strict'.
 Added 'no_defaults' to 'use Regex::Common' to prevent loaded of all

 Revision 1.1  2002/07/25 19:56:07  abigail
 Modularizing Regexp::Common.


Regexp::Common for a general description of how to use this interface.


Damian Conway (damian@conway.org)


This package is maintained by Abigail (regexp-common@abigail.nl).


Bound to be plenty.

For a start, there are many common regexes missing. Send them in to regexp-common@abigail.nl.


     Copyright (c) 2001 - 2003, Damian Conway. All Rights Reserved.
       This module is free software. It may be used, redistributed
      and/or modified under the terms of the Perl Artistic License
            (see http://www.perl.com/perl/misc/Artistic.html)