Adam Kennedy


Data::Package::CSV - A Data::Package class for CSV data using Parse::CSV


The Data::Package::CSV package provides a subclass of Data::Package::File that provides data from a CSV file by integrating with Parse::CSV.



The cvs_options method is the most direct method, with full control over the creation of the Parse::CSV object. If a fully compliant options hash is returned (as a list) then no other methods need to be defined.

The list returned by the cvs_options method will be passed directly to the Parse::CSV constructor. Read the documentation for Parse::CSV for more details on what you should return to match your data.

By default, the null list is return, specifying entirely default options to the Parse::CSV constructor (array mode) and not specifying any filters or parsing variations.

If it list that is returned does not have either a data source (either a handle param or file param) then the file method for the parent class will be called to locate a file.


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Copyright 2007 Adam Kennedy.

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