Adam Kennedy
and 1 contributors


ORLite::Pod - Documentation generator for ORLite


  my $generator = ORLite::Pod->new(
      from   => 'My::Project::DB',
      to     => 'My-Project/lib',
      author => 'Adam Kennedy',
      email  => '',


The biggest downside of ORLite is that because it can generate you an entire ORM in one line of code, you can have a large an extensive API without anywhere for documentation for the API to exist.

The result is quick efficient creation of APIs that nobody can understand or use :)

ORLite::Pod was created to fix this problem by allowing you to keep your slimline Perl module as is, but generating a tree of .pod files alongside the regular modules containing the documentation for the API.

ORLite::Pod connects directly to a loaded ORLite instance, interrogating it to find the database it connects to, and discovering which tables have or don't have classes generated for them.




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