== Bugs * remove the unique constraint on _views's definition column. * http://ced02.search.cnb.yahoo.com/=/model/Post/~/~?user=agentzh.Admin&password=blahblah gives error: "Syck parser (line 313, column -1): syntax error at /home/es/share/htdocs/es/openapi-1782/bin/../lib/OpenAPI/Backend/PgFarm.pm line 57." [fixed] * qyliu reports that PUT /=/model/Foo/bar/word does NOT quote the "word" part, resulting in a sql injection point. [fixed] * Captcha ID should not saved in a cookie and get expired during login. [fixed]

== Implementation * Added no-cache headers to the responses: Expires: Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:01 GMT Cache-Control: no-cache, must-revalidate Pragma: no-cache

* Renamed the column "table_name" in _columns to "model". * Role inheritance support. * Allow invoking views via POST. * XML/RDF support (in addition to JSON and YAML support). * Shortcut for row_count sub. (laser++ said "select count(*)" is expensive in Pg.) * Implement updating role meta info. * Check for joining too many models in minisql's select statement. * Cache meta info in OpenAPI::Cache for faster access. * Basic SQL injection detection code in OpenAPI::Backend. * Sane logging facility (or use stderr and lighttpd's logs?) * more DWIMmy in the captcha solution comparison code: lc($user_sol) and 全角 => 半角 * Use true config file rather than a big set of env vars. * A functional query langauge as an alternative to minisql. * move all initialize SQLs into a independent file [laser] * add a global default PostgreSQL user, named by anonymous/public etc., to act as a read-only role in PG (clusters) [laser] * make OpenAPI into a database interfaces [laser] ** add proc support * make OpenAPI meta data store in another special meta-schema, naming by prefixing '_' to username, e.g. "_username", then we create 2 schema when creating a user: _username & username, and create 2 different database roles (PostgreSQL role) when creating user, one for access meta data, we could call it meta-user, the other for access user data; all meta data, like _models, _columns, _views will be keep in meta-schema, thus we could use PostgreSQL security model to make maximum protection for us. [laser,leiyh,angentzh] * add a per-model PostgreSQL user/role, act as writer for all permitted write from the roles of model itself. * mv Backend from OpenAPI to lib, seems it belongs there [laser] * move some work (like has_somethig()) into store procedore into store procedure to minimum c/s interact [leiyh,laser]

* use a status machine to recognize different url pattern [laser] [done] * use $self->select() instead $Backend->do() in OpenAPI.pm [laser] [done] * different URL mode for view implementation, should clearify the url path meaning [laser] [canceled] * Design and implement the login interface (i.e. /=/login/user/...) [done] * Design and implement roles and ACL, /=/roles/... [done] * Captcha support in the login interface. [done] * Hook laye++'s PCR-based miniSQL parser into OpenAPI. [canceled]

== Documentation * A set of OpenAPI tutorials in both en and cn. * An English version for the OpenAPI spec. * Reorganize the spec according to the latest test suite. * Add diffs regarding Google Data API and Amazon SimpleDB. * Added Apache config directives to README.

== Utilities * Monitor potential memory leaks in lighttpd/apache fastcgi processes. * bin/export-model.pl and bin/import-model.pl for exporting/importing user's model records. * Client-side OpenAPI libary in various programming languages: JavaScript, Perl, Java, Python, Ruby, C#, PHP * Admin site for OpenAPI.

== Test suite * Create pg_XXX tables in sql injection tests. * Tests for unknown HTTP methods (like TRACE, OPTIONS, and CONNECT). * Tests for common SQL injection patthers. * Coverage testing for the test sutie. * Review and polish the existing test suite (under t/) * Backup and Restore data for promotion [working] * Tests for session manager on login [shangerdi] * Tests for 'select * from a,b,c,d,e....' [shangerdi] * Tests for 'select * from ... where ???????' [shangerdi] * Tests for count('select * from ...... where ......') [shangerdi]

* Work out the empty test cases in t/03-model.t [done] * More tests for t/10-limits.t. (i.e. INSERT_LIMIT, POST_LEN_LIMIT, PUT_LEN_LIMIT, and MAX_SELECT_LIMIT) [done] * Prerequiste groups in Makefile.PL. [done] * Tests for PUT method in Role [shangerdi] [done] * Tests for captcha [done] * Tests for logout [done]

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