OpenResty::Spec::AccountAdmin - OpenResty Account Admininstration


    # create a new account named foo
    $ bin/openresty adduser foo

    # remove an existing account named bar
    $ bin/openresty deluser bar

    # show the account list
    $ bin/openresty


To manage the OpenResty accounts, one has to use the bin/openresty script on the command-line of the OpenResty server.

To create a new account named, say, foo, issue the command

    $ bin/openresty adduser foo

To remove it, simply type

    $ bin/openresty deluser foo

To view the account list, type

    $ bin/openresty

to enter the OpenResty shell:

    Welcome to openresty 0.3.9, the OpenResty interactive terminal.

    Type:  \copyright for distribution terms
        \a <account> to set the current account
        \d to view the table list in the current schema
        \d <table> to view the definition of the specified table
        \do <sql> to do sql query using xdo
        \q to quit
        <sql> to do sql query using xquery


And then enter \u to view the account list. A typical output might be


    Account Machine
    tester  1
    tester2 1
    agentzh 1
    agentz  1

If a PgFarm backend is used, the output might be


    Account   Machine
    peee      os902012
    sc_car    os902010
    huangjy   os902010
    wesley    os902013
    pinong    os902011

To upgrade the metamodel for a particular account, see OpenResty::Spec::Upgrading for details.


Agent Zhang (agentzh) <>


openresty, OpenResty, OpenResty::Spec::Overview.