Andy Gorman


Catalyst::Controller::DirectoryDispatch - A controller for browsing system directories


        package MyApp::Controller::Browser::Example;
        use Moose;      
        BEGIN { extends 'Catalyst::Controller::DirectoryDispatch' }
                action => { setup => { Chained => '/browser/base', PathPart => 'mydir' } },
                root     => '/home/andy',
                filter     => qr{^\.|.conf$},
                data_root  => 'data',
                full_paths => 1,


Provides a simple configuration based controller for listing local system directories and dispatching them as URLs.

Example Usage

If you created the controller at http://localhost/mydir and set root to '/home/user1' then browsing to the controller might give the following output:


You could then point your browser to http://localhost/mydir/dir1 to get a directory listing of the folder '/home/user1/dir1' and so on...

Changing Views

The default view for DirectoryDispatch serializes the file list as JSON but it's easy to change it to whatever view you'd like.

            'default'   => 'text/html',
            'map'       => {
                'text/html' => [ 'View', 'TT' ],

Then in your template...

        [% FOREACH node IN %]
        [% node %]
        [% END %]

Post Processing

If you need to process the files in anyway before they're passed to the view you can override process_files in your controller.

        sub process_files {
                my ($self, $c, $files) = @_;

                foreach my $file ( @$files ) {
                        # Modify $file

                return $files;

This is the last thing that happens before the list of files are passed on to the view. $files is sent in as an ArrayRef[Str] but you are free to return any thing you want as long as the serializer you're using can handle it.



        is: ro, isa: Str

The folder that will be listed when accessing the controller (default '/').


        is: ro, isa: RegexpRef

A regular expression that will remove matching files or folders from the directory listing (default: undef).


        is: ro, isa: Str

The name of the key inside $c->stash->{response} where the directory listing will be stored (default: data).


        is: ro, isa: Bool

Returns full paths for the directory listing rather than just the names (default: 0).


Andy Gorman,


The design for this modules was heavly influenced by the fantastic Catalyst::Controller::DBIC::API.


This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.