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Data::Range::Compare::Stream::Iterator::Consolidate::OverlapAsColumn - Consolidates by moving overlaps to new columns


  use Data::Range::Compare::Stream::Iterator::File;
  use Data::Range::Compare::Stream;
  use Data::Range::Compare::Stream::Iterator::Consolidate::OverlapAsColumn;
  use Data::Range::Compare::Stream::Iterator::Compare::Asc;
  my $compare=new  Data::Range::Compare::Stream::Iterator::Compare::Asc();
  foreach my $file (qw(source_a.src source_b.src source_d.src source_c.src source_d.src)) {
    my $src=Data::Range::Compare::Stream::Iterator::File->new(filename=>$file);
    my $con=new Data::Range::Compare::Stream::Iterator::Consolidate::OverlapAsColumn($src,$compare);
  my $format='  | %-12s | %-26s |  %-26s|  %-26s|  %-26s|'."\n";
  my $break="  +--------------+----------------------------+----------------------------+----------------------------+----------------------------+\n";
  printf "$break$format$break","Intersection","Set A",'Set B','Set C','Set D';
  while($compare->has_next) {
    my $result=$compare->get_next;
    next if $result->is_empty;
    my $columns=$result->get_root_results($result);
    my @row=($result->get_common);
    foreach my $id (@{$result->get_root_ids}) {
      if($#{$columns->[$id]}!=-1) {
        push @row, join ', ',map { $_->get_common } @{$columns->[$id]};
      } else {
        push @row,"No Data";
    printf $format,@row;
    print $break;


This module extends the consolidation engine for Data::Range::Compare::Stream. Unlike the default consolidation object this class does not merge ranges when they overlap: It creates additional instances of itself and inserts them into the "Compare" object. Each new object refers to the object that created it.

Data::Range::Compare::Stream::Iterator::Consolidate::OverlapAsColumn can consolidate ranges sorted in the following order:

Consolidation Asc range_start asc,range_end desc.

OO Methods

  • my $processor=new Data::Range::Compare::Stream::Iterator::Consolidate::OverlapAsColumn($iterator,$cmp);

    Object constructor takes 2 argument: $processor and $cmp: An $iterator object must implement Data::Range::Compare::Stream::Iterator::Base. A $cmp object must implement Data::Range::Compare::Stream::Iterator::Compare::Asc.

  • while($processor->has_next) { do something }

    Returns true when the there are more ranges to consolidate

  • my $range=$processor->get_next;

    if $processor->has_next returns true Returns a instance of Data::Range::Compare::Stream::Iterator::Consolidate::Result.

  • $self->on_consolidate($new_range,$overlapping_range,$next_range)

    Called during the consolidation process to copy ranges that overlap with the current range being compared into the next valid column.

  • $processor->set_column_id($id);

    Sets the column_id value. This is used by the Compare Layer

  • my $id=$processor->get_column_id($id);

    Gets the column_id, returns undef if not set.

  • my $cmp=$processor->get_compare

    Returns the Data::Range::Compare::Stream::Iterator::Compare::Asc object passed to the constructor.

  • my $result=$processor->get_current_result;

    Returns the last Data::Range::Compare::Stream::Iterator::Consolidate::Result object from the $processor->has_next call.

  • my $count=$processor->buffer_count;

    Returns the current buffer count.

  • if($processor->iterator_has_next) { ... }

    Returns the internal iterator has_next state

  • $self->push_to_buffer;

    Internal function. Pushes results onto the buffer.

  • my $class=$processor->NEW_ARRAY_ITERATOR_FROM;

    Defines the class that will be used to create iterator objects: $class must implement Data::Range::Compare::Stream::Iterator::Base.

  • my $class=$processor->NEW_CHILD_CONSOLIDATOR_FROM;

    Defines the class that will be used to create consolidator objects that will be pushed into the compare object at runtime. $class must implement Data::Range::Compare::Stream::Iterator::Consolidate::OverlapAsColumn .

  • my $id=$processor->get_root_column_id;

    Gets the parent object's column_id, returns undef if not set.

  • if($processor->is_child) { ... }

    Returns true if this object is a child of another Consolidator object.






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