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Lab::Instrument::SR830::AuxOut - Aux Outputs of the Stanford Research SR830 Lock-In Amplifier


version 3.611


 use Lab::Instrument::SR830::AuxOut
 my $output = Lab::Instrument::SR830::AuxOut->new(%options, channel => 1);


This class provides access to the four DC outputs of the SR830. You have to provide a channel (1..4) parameter in the constructor.

To use multiple virtual instruments, which use the same physical device, you have to share the connection between the virtual instruments:

 use Lab::Measurement;

 # Create the shared connection. 
 my $connection = Connection('LinuxGPIB', {gpib_address => 8});
 # Create two outputs.
 my $gate = Instrument('SR830::AuxOut', {connection => $connection,
                                        channel => 1,
                                        gate_protect => 0});
 my $bias = Instrument('SR830::AuxOut', {connection => $connection,
                                        channel => 2,
                                        gate_protect => 0});

You can now use $gate and $bias to build XPRESS Voltage Sweeps. The SR830 does not have hardware support for continuous voltage sweeps. Thus, the mode parameter of the sweep must be set to 'step' or 'list' and the jump parameter must be set to 1. Example sweep configuration:

 my $gate_sweep = Sweep('Voltage',
                               mode => 'step',
                               instrument => $gate,
                               points => [-0.1,0.1],
                               stepwidth => [0.001],
                               jump => 1,
                               rate => [0.001],
 my $bias_sweep = Sweep('Voltage',
                               mode => 'step',
                               instrument => $bias,
                               points => [-0.1,0.1],
                               stepwidth => [0.001],
                               rate => [0.001],
                               jump => 1,



Set the output voltage. Will throw an exception, if the absolute value of $voltage is bigger than 10.5 V.


Equivalent to _set_level.


See Lab::Instrument::Source.


Query the current output voltage.


This software is copyright (c) 2017 by the Lab::Measurement team; in detail:

  Copyright 2016       Simon Reinhardt
            2017       Andreas K. Huettel

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.