Alex Vandiver


Jifty::Object - Base class for most of Jifty's objects


Jifty::Object is the superclass of most of Jifty's objects. It is used to provide convenient accessors to important global objects like the database handle or the logger object, while still allowing individual classes to overload these methods.

We ought to be able to mix-in Jifty::Object with any other class; thus, we will not define new or _init in Jifty::Object. We do assume, however, that $self is a blessed hash reference.


current_user [USER]

Gets/sets a user for the current user for this object. You often do not need to call this explicitly; Jifty will inspect your caller's current_user, and so on up the call stack.

PRIVATE _get_current_user

Takes the ARGS paramhash passed to _init. Find the current user. First, try to see if it's explicit. After that, check the caller's current_user. After that, look at Jifty->web->current_user

Fills in current_user with that value


Returns a Log::Log4perl logger object; the category of the logger is the same as the class of $self.