Alex Vandiver
and 1 contributors


RT::Extension::ExternalStorage::Dropbox - Store files in the Dropbox cloud


        Type => 'Dropbox',
        AccessToken => '...',


This storage option places attachments in the Dropbox shared file service. The files are de-duplicated when they are saved; as such, if the same file appears in multiple transactions, only one copy will be stored on in Dropbox.

Files in Dropbox must not be modified or removed; doing so may cause internal inconsistency. It is also important to ensure that the Dropbox account used has sufficient space for the attachments, and to monitor its space usage.


In order to use this stoage type, a new application must be registered with Dropbox:

  1. Log into Dropbox as the user you wish to store files as.

  2. Click Create app on

  3. Choose Dropbox API app as the type of app.

  4. Choose the Files and datastores as the type of data to store.

  5. Choose Yes, your application only needs access to files it creates.

  6. Enter a descriptive name -- Request Tracker files is fine.

  7. Under Generated access token, click the Generate button.

  8. Copy the provided value into your file as the AccessToken:

            Type => 'Dropbox',
            AccessToken => '...',   # Replace the value here, between the quotes