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CGI::Widget::HList::Node - Tree::DAG_Node extension for representing Hierarchical List (HList) Nodes.


  use CGI::Widget::HList::Node;
  my $node1 = CGI::Widget::HList::Node->new;
  my $node2 = CGI::Widget::HList::Node->new;


CGI::Widget::HList::Node is a subclass of Tree::DAG_Node, with a few overridden and extra methods that help it be more specific to representation of DAGs in an HTML/CGI context. See Tree::DAG_Node for more details.


CGI::Widget::Series has multiple constructors. See Tree::DAG_Node.


open() - set the value returned by state() to 1. An open() node is one which allows its daughters to be exposed.

close() - set the value returned by state() to 0. A close() node does not expose its daughter nodes.

state() - returns the open/close state of a node.

pregnant() - a node that has the potential to have daughter nodes, but currently does not have them can be tagged by calling pregnant with a non-zero,defined value. Calling with zero or undef terminates the pregnancy, as does calling open() on the node.

link() - holds a subroutine used to render the text label of the node. Returns name() or an object reference by default. Override this with a callback.

dump_names() - overridden to produce a highly flexible hierarchical list, optionally with CGI parameters and HTML tags.

Many, many methods are provided by Tree::DAG_Node, and are available within this class. I have only outlined here overridden/ additional methods. For complete documentation, also consult Tree::DAG_Node.


 Allen Day <>
 Copyright (c) 2001.


perl. CGI::Widget. CGI::Widget::HList. Tree::DAG_Node.