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XAO::TestUtils - testing framework for XAO modules


In your Makefile.PL:

        \$(PERL) -MXAO::TestUtils=xao_all_tests \\


This module is intended for use only in testing of XAO modules and modules based on XAO.

For instance XAO::FS installs a set of tests in system perl directories. XAO::TestUtils and these tests can then be used for testing third party database drivers against this standard set of tests.

Method details:

xao_test_all ($;@)

Runs all tests for a given list of namespaces in random order. As a special case if first argument is an integer it turns debug output on using XAO::Utils set_debug() method.

Can be called from command line:

 perl -MXAO::TestUtils=xao_test_all -e'xao_test_all(1,"testcases")'

Test execution is the same as for run_tests() method, see below.

xao_test (@)

Runs given tests in the given sequence. Tests are given as corresponding unit package names. Example:


It will create 'ta' directory in the current directory and will store two files for each test case in there - one suitable for 'make test' with '.t' extension and one for manual checking with debug output enabled and in different human-readable output mode with '.pl' extension. At a later time these tests can be individually re-run manually using simply 'perl ta/' command.

Common prefix will be automatically removed from files.


Copyright (c) 2005 Ejelta LLC. Copyright (c) 2003 XAO Inc.

The author is Andrew Maltsev <>.

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