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Tapper - A flexible and open test infrastructure


Tapper is a modular, flexible and open test infrastructure.

It's only primary assumption is the ubiquitous use of the Test Anything Protocol (TAP). Internally it is based on technology known from the CPAN testing infrastructure, extending it with automation and advanced querying.

It allows to setup a test infrastructure, consisting of

a central TAP database

to where tests can send their results for storage and later evaluation, using a DPath based query language over a history of TAP-DOMs.

extremely lightweight APIs

to allow QA in very low-level, toolchain constrained environments, like OS testing or embedded platforms

support for "classic" userland, OS, and virtualization testing
an optional advanced automation layer

Tapper originated in the AMD Operating System Research Center (OSRC), where it is used for extreme continuous integration testing of everything: from software toolchains over Linux to Xen and KVM.

It is also used in the Perl benchmarking infrastructure Perl::Formance.

Most of Tapper is OS and platform independent (x86, ARM) to cover broad range of test targets. Only the central automation layer (MCP) is a bit Linux centric in its use of external dependencies.


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