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TAP::Harness::Color - Run Perl test scripts with color


Version 0.54


Note that this harness is experimental. You may not like the colors I've chosen and I haven't yet provided an easy way to override them.

This test harness is the same as TAP::Harness, but test results are output in color. Passing tests are printed in green. Failing tests are in red. Skipped tests are blue on a white background and TODO tests are printed in white.

If Term::ANSIColor cannot be found (or Win32::Console if running under Windows) tests will be run without color.


 use TAP::Harness::Color;
 my $harness = TAP::Harness::Color->new( \%args );


Class Methods


 my %args = (
    verbose => 1,
    lib     => [ 'lib', 'blib/lib' ],
    shuffle => 0,
 my $harness = TAP::Harness::Color->new( \%args );

The constructor returns a new TAP::Harness::Color object. If Term::ANSIColor is not installed, returns a TAP::Harness object. See TAP::Harness for more details.



Returns a boolean indicating whether or not this module can actually generate colored output. This will be false if it could not load the modules needed for the current platform.



Overrides TAP::Harness failure_output to output failure information in red.