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RDFStore::Parser::Styles::MagicTie - This module is an extension of RDFStore::Parser::SiRPAC(3) that actually use the RDFStore API modules to ingest records into an RDFStore database.


use RDFStore::Parser::SiRPAC; use RDFStore::Parser::Styles::MagicTie; use RDFStore::NodeFactory; my $p=new RDFStore::Parser::SiRPAC( ErrorContext => 2, Style => 'RDFStore::Parser::Styles::MagicTie', NodeFactory => new RDFStore::DBMS::NodeFactory() );

if(defined $ENV{GATEWAY_INTERFACE}) { print "Content-type: text/html

"; $p->parsefile($ENV{QUERY_STRING}); } else { my $input = shift; if($input =~ /^-/) { $p->parse(*STDIN); } else { $p->parsefile($input); }; };


In the samples directory of the distribution you can find a set of a sample scripts to play with :)



This is a class method, the constructor for RDFStore::Parser::SiRPAC. Options are passed as key/value pairs. RDFStore::Parser::Styles::MagicTie supports all the RDFStore::Parser::SiRPAC options plus the following:

  • store

    This option if present must point to an HASH reference. Recognized options are:

  • persistent

    This option specify if the RDFStore::Stanford::Statement objects generated during parsing must be stored in some kind of RDFStore. It is a SCALAR with possible values of 0 or 1.

  • seevalues

    This options is a SCALAR with possible values of 0/1 and flags whether the parsing is verbose or not (print triples)

  • directory

    This option specify the output directory where the actual DB files are generated when the persistent option is set.

  • options

    This option if present must point to an HASH reference and helps the user to specify the Data::MagicTie options about storage of the RDFStore::Stanford::Statement statements when the persistent option is set. See Data::MagicTie(3)


None known yet


RDFStore::Parser::SiRPAC(3), RDFStore(3), RDFStore::Model(3) Data::MagicTie(3) DBMS(3)


Alberto Reggiori <>

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