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Flickr::Upload::Dopplr - Flickr::Upload subclass to assign location information using Dopplr


 use Flickr::Upload::Dopplr;

 my %dp_args = ('auth_token' => 'JONES!!!!',
                'tagify' => 'delicious');

 my %fl_args = ('key' => 'OH HAI',
                'secret' => 'OH NOES',,
                'dopplr' => \%dp_args);

 my $uploadr = Flickr::Upload::Dopplr->new(\%fl_args);

 my $photo_id = $uploadr->upload('photo' => "/path/to/photo",
                                 'auth_token' => 'O RLY');


Flickr::Upload subclass to assign location information using Dopplr.

Specifically, the package will query Dopplr for the current location of the user associated with $dopplr_authtoken and assign the following tags for the name of the city a machinetag representing the Geonames.org ID for that city.

If the package is able to query a photo's EXIF data and read the DateTimeOriginal field that value will be used to query Dopplr for your location on that day.

It will also try to resolve a corresponding Flickr Places ID for the Geonames city ID returned by Dopplr. For example, Geonames ID 5391959 becomes San Francisco, California, United States which becomes Flickr Places ID kH8dLOubBZRvX_YZ.

(Or in machinetag-speak, places:locality=kH8dLOubBZRvX_YZ)

If, when the photo is uploaded, the Dopplr API thinks that it is a "travel day" another machine tag (dopplr:trip=) will be added containing the numeric identifier for that trip.

If an upload is successful, the package will attempt to assign latitude and longitude information for the photo with a Flickr accuracy of 11 (or "city").


Flickr::Upload::Dopplr subclasses Error.pm to catch and throw exceptions. Although this is still a mostly un-Perl-ish way of doing things, it seemed like the most sensible way to handle the variety of error cases. I don't love it but we'll see.

This means that the library will throw fatal exceptions and you will need to code around it using either eval or - even better - try and catch blocks.

There are four package specific exception handlers :

  • FUDException

    An error condition specific to Flickr::Upload::Dopplr was triggered.

  • FlickrUploadException

    An error condition specific to Flickr::Upload was triggered.

  • FlickrAPIException

    An error condition specific to calling the Flickr API (read : Flickr::API) was triggered.

    This is the only exception handler that defines its own additional methods. They are :

    • error_code

      The numeric error code returned by the Flickr API.

    • error_message

      The textual error message returned by the Flickr API.

  • NetDopplrException

    An error condition specific to Net::Dopplr was triggered.


  • Asynchronous uploads are not support and will trigger an exception.

  • At the moment, the package does not check to see whether geo information was already assigned (for example, via GPS EXIF data) nor does it issue and error reporting if there was a problem assigning geo information.



All the same arguments required by the Flickr::Upload constructor plus the following :

  • dopplr

    A hash reference containing the following keys :

    • auth_token

      String. required

      A valid Dopplr API authentication token.

    • tagify


      An optional flag to format tags for cities, specific to a service. Valid services are :

      • delicious

        City names are lower-cased and spaces are removed.

      • flickr

        City names are wrapped in double-quotes if they contain spaces.

      The default value is flickr

Returns a Flickr::Upload::Dopplr object.



Nothing you wouldn't pass the Flickr::Upload upload method. Except the async flag which is not honoured yet. I'm working on it.

In additional, you may pass an optional geo parameter. It must be a hash reference with the following keys :

  • perms

    Itself a hash reference containing is_public, is_contact, is_family and is_friend keys and their boolean values to set the geo permissions on your uploaded photo.

    If this is not defined then your default viewing settings for geo data will be left in place.

Returns a photo ID!




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Copyright (c) 2007-2008 Aaron Straup Cope. All Rights Reserved.

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