Continuity::Monitor - monitor and inspect a Continuity server



  use strict;
  use Continuity;
  use Continuity::Monitor;

  my $server = new Continuity( port => 8080 );
  my $monitor = Continuity::Monitor->new( server => $server, port => 8081 );


This is an application to monitor and inspect your running application. It has its own web interface on a separate port. It is very rough.

The monitor does several things. First, this is a monitoring tool for working with the sessions your server is running. You can view and kill each session. Secondly it is an inspector for each session -- letting you see the current state including variables. And third, it will let you actually change the values of these sessions, or even run code in their context.

(well... it _will_ do all those things :) )


$monitor = Continuity::Monitor->new( server => $server, ... )

This is just like Continuity->new, and takes all of the same parameters, except that instead of running your code it is a self-contained application.