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PyFrame Guide to wxPython

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wxStyledTextCtrl.__init__ & .__repr__


The __init__ method is called when the STC object is created. It returns an STC object instance.

The __repr__ method is used when the built-in function repr(stc_object) is used. It returns a string.



Parameters and their types:

parent = parent window. OBJECT

id = window ID constant. INTEGER. Use -1 for auto-generation, or use wxNewId()

pos = initial position. wxPOINT. Use wxPyDefaultPosition or omit if last kwarg

size = initial size. wxSIZE. Use wxPyDefaultSize or omit if last kwarg

style = ORing of Window styles for the control. Long INTEGER.

Note: wxVSCROLL | wxHSCROLL | wxWANTS_CHARS | wxCLIP_CHILDREN are always added

to whatever styles you pass to the __init__ method.

name = name of the control. STRING. This is not used by most platforms.

Returns the STC instance.


 from wxPython.stc import *
 class Editor(wxStyledTextCtrl):



Always returns a String object similar to:

<C wxStyledTextCtrl instance at ########>"

Where ######## is the hexadecimal address (id) of the object instance.