Netscape::Bookmarks - parse, manipulate, or create Netscape Bookmarks files


  use Netscape::Bookmarks;

  # parse an existing file
  my $bookmarks = Netscape::Bookmarks->new( $bookmarks_file );

  # -- OR --
  # start a new Bookmarks structure
  my $bookmarks = Netscape::Bookmarks->new;

  # print a Netscape compatible file
  print $bookmarks->as_string;


The Netscape bookmarks file has several basic components:

        folders (henceforth called categories)

On disk, Netscape browsers store this information in HTML. In the browser, it is displayed under the "Bookmarks" menu. The data can be manipulated through the browser interface.

This module allows one to manipulate the bookmarks file programmatically. One can parse an existing bookmarks file, manipulate the information, and write it as a bookmarks file again. Furthermore, one can skip the parsing step to create a new bookmarks file and write it in the proper format to be used by a Netscape browser.

The Bookmarks module simply parses the bookmarks file passed to it as the only argument to the constructor:

        my $bookmarks = Netscape::Bookmarks->new( $bookmarks_file );

The returned object is a Netscape::Bookmarks::Category object, since the bookmark file is simply a collection of categories that contain any of the components listed above. The top level (i.e. root) category is treated specially and defines the title of the bookmarks file.

HTML::Parser is used behind the scenes to build the data structure (a simple list of lists (of lists ...)). Netscape::Bookmarks::Category, Netscape::Bookmarks::Link, Netscape::Bookmarks::Alias, or Netscape::Bookmarks::Separator objects can be stored in a Netscape::Bookmarks::Category object. Netscape::Bookmarks::Alias objects are treated as references to Netscape::Bookmarks::Link objects, so changes to one affect the other.

Methods for manipulating this object are in the Netscape::Bookmarks::Category module. Methods for dealing with the objects contained in a Netscape::Bookmarks::Category object are in their appropriate modules.

new( [filename] )

The constructor takes a filename as its single (optional) argument. If you do not give new an argument, an empty Netscape::Bookmarks::Category object is returned so that you can start to build up your new Bookmarks file. If the file that you name does not exist, undef is returned in scalar context and an empty list is returned in list context. If the file does exist it is parsed with HTML::Parser with the internal parser subclass defined in the same package as new. If the parsing finishes without error a Netscape::Bookmarks::Category object is returned.


brian d foy <>


Copyright © 2002-2018, brian d foy <>. All rights reserved.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the Artistic License 2.0.


HTML::Parser, Netscape::Bookmarks::Category, Netscape::Bookmarks::Link, Netscape::Bookmarks::Alias, Netscape::Bookmarks::Separator.