Test::Data -- test functions for particular variable types


use Test::Data qw(Scalar Array Hash Function);


Test::Data provides utility functions to check properties and values of data and variables.


Plug-in modules define functions for each data type. See the appropriate module.

How it works

The Test::Data module simply emports functions from Test::Data::* modules. Each module defines a self-contained function, and puts that function name into @EXPORT. Test::Data defines its own import function, but that does not matter to the plug-in modules.

If you want to write a plug-in module, follow the example of one that already exists. Name the module Test::Data::Foo, where you replace Foo with the right name. Test::Data should automatically find it.


I'm not a very good Windows Perler, so some things don't work as they should on Windows. I recently got a Windows box so I can test things, but if you run into problems, I can use all the patches or advice you care to send.


Test::Data::Scalar, Test::Data::Array, Test::Data::Hash, Test::Data::Function, Test::Builder


This source is part of a SourceForge project which always has the latest sources in CVS, as well as all of the previous releases.

If, for some reason, I disappear from the world, one of the other members of the project can shepherd this module appropriately.


brian d foy, <>


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