Log::Saftpresse::Plugin::Postfix - plugin to parse analyse postfix logging


version 1.6


This plugin parses and analyzes postfix logging.


  <Plugin postfix>
    module = "postfix"


saftsumm_mode (default: 0)

If enabled the plugin will generate additional counters for per_hr, per_wdays and per_day values required for saftsumm output.

message_detail (default: 0)

By default the plugin will trimm messages used by deferred_detail, smtpd_warn_detail and reject_detail.

If enabled the full message will be used instead of the trimmed string.

smtpd_warn_detail (default: 0)

Enable generation of counters for smtpd warning messages.

reject_detail (default: 0)

Enable generation of counters per reject message.

bounce_detail (default: 0)

Enable generation of counters per bounce message.

deferred_detail (default: 0)

Enable generation of counters per deferral reason.

ignore_case (default: 0)

Enable to ignore case in addresses.

This will lower case all addresses.

rej_add_from (default: 0)

Include from address in reject messages statistics generated by reject_detail.

extended (default: 0)

Remember From: address across log lines.

TODO: check what it really does.

uucp_mung (default: 0)

Convert uucp addresses.

verp_mung (default: 0)

Replace VERPs with placeholder.

tls_stats (default: 1)

Enable/disable TLS statistics.


This plugin expects a log line with

  program => /^postfix/

and log messages generate by the postfix MTA in 'message'.


The plugin will add the following fields if applicable:

  * size
  * from
  * to
  * relay
  * delay
  * status
  * forwarded
  * postfix_level
  * queue_id
  * client_host
  * client_ip
  * reject_type
  * reject_reason
  * connection_time
  * client


The plugin generates the following counters:



Markus Benning <>


This software is Copyright (c) 1998 by James S. Seymour, 2015 by Markus Benning.

This is free software, licensed under:

  The GNU General Public License, Version 2, June 1991