whiter - script to fix whitespaces errors in files


whiter [FILEs or DIRs or both]


      --verbose         Scrip show filenames that are fixed
      --help            Show this message
      --version         Show version number

Script will work on text files that are specified as the parameters or are situated in the specified diretories.

Script will check if all the rules are followed. In case if something is wrong the script will fix the file.

  • Each line ends with "\n" (including the last line)

  • For new lines "\n" is used (not "\r\n")

  • There are no ending spaces on the lines

  • 4 spaces are used instead of tabs

  • No empty lines in the end of file

There is also a script `test_whitespaces` that checks all that ruls and there is a Perl module Test::Whitespaces that can be used to test your source code.

Project url:


Ivan Bessarabov, <>


The source code for this script is hosted on GitHub