Bio::SeqIO::FTHelper - Helper class for Embl/Genbank feature tables


Used by Bio::SeqIO::EMBL to help process the Feature Table


Represents one particular Feature with the following fields

      key - the key of the feature
      loc - the location string of the feature
      <other fields> - other fields


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AUTHOR - Ewan Birney


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The rest of the documentation details each of the object methods. Internal methods are usually preceded with a _


 Title   : from_SeqFeature
 Usage   : @fthelperlist = Bio::SeqIO::FTHelper::from_SeqFeature($sf,$context_annseq);
 Function: constructor of fthelpers from SeqFeatures
         : The additional annseq argument is to allow the building of FTHelper
         : lines relevant to particular sequences (ie, when features are spread over
         : enteries, knowing how to build this)
 Returns : an array of FThelpers
 Args    : seq features


 Title   : _generic_seqfeature
 Usage   : $fthelper->_generic_seqfeature($annseq, "GenBank")
 Function: processes fthelper into a generic seqfeature
 Returns : TRUE on success and otherwise FALSE
 Args    : Bio::Seq, string indicating the source (GenBank/EMBL/SwissProt)


 Title   : _parse_loc
 Usage   : $fthelper->_parse_loc($feature, $loc_string)
 Function: Parses the given location string and sets start() and end() in the
           given feature object appropriately. As side effects, tag values
           (private) for features where only partial locations are given
           may be set.  These tags are prefixed with an underscore, and are
           not included in the FTHelper object generated by the from_SeqFeature

           Note that this method is private.
 Returns : TRUE on success and otherwise FALSE
 Args    : Bio::SeqFeatureI, string


 Title   : key
 Usage   : $obj->key($newval)
 Example :
 Returns : value of key
 Args    : newvalue (optional)


 Title   : loc
 Usage   : $obj->loc($newval)
 Example :
 Returns : value of loc
 Args    : newvalue (optional)


 Title   : field
 Usage   :
 Example :
 Returns :
 Args    :


 Title   : add_field
 Usage   :
 Example :
 Returns :
 Args    :