Bio::DB::GDB - Database object interface to GDB HTTP query


    $gdb = new Bio::DB::GDB;

    $info = $gdb->get_info(-type=>'marker',
                             -id=>'D1S243'); # Marker name

   print "genbank id is ", $info->{'gdbid'},
    "\nprimers are (fwd, rev) ", join(",", @{$info->{'primers'}}), 
    "\nproduct length is ", $info->{'length'}, "\n";


This class allows connections to the Genome Database (GDB) and queries to retrieve any database objects. See or any mirror for details.


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AUTHOR - Jason Stajich



The rest of the documentation details each of the object methods. Internal methods are usually preceded with a _


 Title   : ua
 Usage   : my $ua = $self->ua or 
 Function: Get/Set a LWP::UserAgent for use
 Returns : reference to LWP::UserAgent Object
 Args    : $ua - must be a LWP::UserAgent


 Title   : get_params
 Usage   : my %params = $self->get_params($mode)
 Function: Returns key,value pairs to be passed to query
            for mode ('marker', 'gene')
 Returns : a key,value pair hash
 Args    : 'marker' or 'gene' mode for retrieval


 Title   : get_info
 Usage   : my $info = $self->get_info(-type => 'marker',
                                      -id   => 'D1S234'); 
 Function: Returns key,value pairs specific
 Returns : a key,value pair hash
 Args    : -type => 'marker' or 'gene' mode for retrieval
           -id   => unique id to query for


 Title   : get_request
 Usage   : my $url = $self->get_request
 Function: HTTP::Request
 Returns : 
 Args    : %qualifiers = a hash of qualifiers (ids, format, etc)