Bio::Tools::StateMachine::IOStateMachine - IO-based implementation of AbstractStateMachine


    use Bio::Tools::IOStateMachine;

    # A state machine that reads input from a file
    my $sm = Bio::Tools::IOStateMachine->new( -file => 'data.txt' );

    # A state machine that reads input from a STDIN
    my $sm = Bio::Tools::IOStateMachine->new();

    # A state machine that reads input from a STDIN
    # and times out if input doesn't arrive within 30 seconds.
    my $sm = Bio::Tools::IOStateMachine->new( -timeout_sec => 30 );


An implementation of AbstractStateMachine that samples an input stream to determine whether a state change has occurred.


To get a feel for how to use this, have look at Bio::SearchIO::psiblast which subclasses IOStateMachine.


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The rest of the documentation details each of the object methods. Internal methods are usually preceded with a _


 Argument : Named parameter -TIMEOUT_SEC => seconds,
            to specify the number of seconds to allow before throwing
            an exception if input fails to arrive within that amount of time. 


 Purpose  : Obtains data from the input stream to be checked 
            for the existence of a new state.
 Usage    : check_for_new_state( [$ignore_blank_lines] );
 Argument : boolean: true if you want to ignore blank lines
 Returns  : the next chunk of input ($/ is not altered)
            If there is no more input, returns undef.

Subclasses should override this method and call it to obtain the chunk of data for new state testing.


 Argument : n/a
 Returns  : The next chunk of input data from the IO stream
            To be used in determining what state the machine should be in.