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App::ElasticSearch::Utilities - Utilities for Monitoring ElasticSearch


version 1.5


This library contains utilities for unified interfaces in the scripts.

This a set of utilities to make monitoring ElasticSearch clusters much simpler.

Included is:

    scripts/es-status.pl - Command line utility for ES Metrics
    scripts/es-metrics-to-graphite.pl - Send ES Metrics to Graphite or Cacti
    scripts/es-nagios-check.pl - Monitor ES remotely or via NRPE with this script
    scripts/es-daily-index-maintenance.pl - Perform index maintenance on daily indexes
    scripts/es-copy-index.pl - Copy an index from one cluster to another
    scripts/es-alias-manager.pl - Manage index aliases automatically
    scripts/es-apply-settings.pl - Apply settings to all indexes matching a pattern
    scripts/es-storage-data.pl - View how shards/data is aligned on your cluster

The App::ElasticSearch::Utilities module simply serves as a wrapper around the scripts for packaging and distribution.


Recommended install with CPAN Minus:

    cpanm App::ElasticSearch::Utilities

You can also use CPAN:

    cpan App::ElasticSearch::Utilities

Or if you'd prefer to manually install:

    export RELEASE=<CurrentRelease>

    wget --no-check-certificate https://github.com/reyjrar/es-utils/blob/master/releases/App-ElasticSearch-Utilities-$RELEASE.tar.gz?raw=true -O es-utils.tgz

    tar -zxvf es-utils.tgz

    cd App-ElasticSearch-Utilities-$RELEASE

    perl Makefile.PL


    make install

This will take care of ensuring all the dependencies are satisfied and will install the scripts into the same directory as your Perl executable.


The tools are all wrapped in their own documentation, please see:

    es-status.pl --help
    es-metric-to-graphite.pl --help
    es-nagios-check.pl --help
    es-daily-index-maintenance.pl --help
    es-copy-index.pl --help
    es-alias-manager.pl --help
    es-apply-settings.pl --help
    es-storage-data.pl --help

For individual options and capabilities


    Mihai Oprea <mishu@mishulica.com>
    Samit Badle


Brad Lhotsky <brad@divisionbyzero.net>


This software is Copyright (c) 2012 by Brad Lhotsky.

This is free software, licensed under:

  The (three-clause) BSD License

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