ospfview - periodically display OSPF LSDB as Graphviz dot xlib


ospfview [-46bBcdDeEhlpPsSwWv] [-H user@host] [-I interval]


ospfview periodically polls the OSPF link-state database from a routing daemon and displays it on X11.

Per default only networks, router and links are displayed. Other LSA types have to be turned on explicitly.

The regular color of the graph is gray, each area gets its own brightness. The OSPF LSDB is checked for consistency. Erroneous vertexes or links get colored depending on the detected problem. The error messages can be displayed in the graph or printed to stdout.

The X11 graph is only updated when the link-state database changes. The age and sequence number fields are ignored for detecting changes.

The options are as follows:


Use OpenBSD ospfd as database input source. This is the default.


Use OpenBSD ospf6d as database input source. Display an OSPF for IPv6 graph.


Display AS boundary router summary LSAs.


Display AS boundary router summary LSAs aggregated. A single node contains all boundary routers advertised from the same router.


Identical networks are clustered into a subgraph. This visualizes duplicate networks.


Show the OSPF database diff between updates if something has changed.


Dump the OSPF database after updates as YAML to stdout if something has changed.


Display AS extrnal LSAs.


Display AS extrnal LSAs aggregated. A single node contains all external networks advertised from the same router.


Show help message and exit.

-H user@host

The specified user and host are used for ssh login and run ospfctl there.

-I interval

This is the interval in seconds the OSPF daemon is queried. Default is 5.


Generate legend as dot graph which contains all kinds of nodes and edges. The corresponding OSPF object is explained. Use -4 or -6 to choose the address family. Unimplemented features are displayed in red.


Display IPv6 link and intra-area-prefix LSAs.


Display IPv6 intra-area-prefix LSAs. They are constructed from the link LSAs by the designated router.


Display IP network summary LSAs.


Display IP network summary LSAs aggregated. A single node contains all networks advertised from the same router.


Show the most serious warning as in the dot graph. That warning also accounts for the color. If there is no warning, the area is displayed.


Show the all areas and warnings in the dot graph.


Be verbose and print all warnings to stderr.


The program dies if an error occurs.






Alexander Bluhm