OSPF::LSDB::gated - parse gated OSPF link state database


use OSPF::LSDB::gated;

my $gated = OSPF::LSDB::gated->new();

my $gated = OSPF::LSDB::gated->new(ssh => "user@host");



The OSPF::LSDB::gated module parses the OSPF part of a gated dump file and fills the OSPF::LSDB base object. An existing gated_dump file can be given or it can be created dynammically. In the latter case sudo is invoked if permissions are not sufficient to run gdc dump. If the object has been created with the ssh argument, the specified user and host are used to login and run gdc dump there.

There is only one public method:


This function takes a hash describing how the OSPF LSDB can be obtained. The bool value of dump specifies wether the dump file should be created dynamically by calling gdc dump. The file parameter contains the path to the gated_dump file, it defaults to /var/tmp/gated_dump. The dump file may contain more than one instance of the gated memory dump separated by form feeds. If the numeric skip paremeter is set, that many dumps from the beginning of the file are skipped and the next one is used.

The complete OSPF link state database is stored in the ospf field of the base class.

This module has been tested with gated 3.6. If it works with other versions is unknown.


The methods die if any error occurs.





Alexander Bluhm