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Rinchi::CIGIPP::AtmosphereControl - Perl extension for the Common Image Generator Interface - Atmosphere Control data packet. data packet. =head1 SYNOPSIS

  use Rinchi::CIGIPP::AtmosphereControl;
  my $atmos_ctl = Rinchi::CIGIPP::AtmosphereControl->new();

  $packet_type = $atmos_ctl->packet_type();
  $packet_size = $atmos_ctl->packet_size();
  $atmospheric_model_enable = $atmos_ctl->atmospheric_model_enable(Rinchi::CIGIPP->Disable);
  $humidity = $atmos_ctl->humidity(35);
  $air_temperature = $atmos_ctl->air_temperature(23.357);
  $visibility_range = $atmos_ctl->visibility_range(47.803);
  $horizontal_wind_speed = $atmos_ctl->horizontal_wind_speed(55.727);
  $vertical_wind_speed = $atmos_ctl->vertical_wind_speed(40.386);
  $wind_direction = $atmos_ctl->wind_direction(47.212);
  $barometric_pressure = $atmos_ctl->barometric_pressure(17.871);


The Atmosphere Control data packet allows the Host to control global atmospheric properties within the simulation.

Weather layers and weather entities always take precedence over the global atmospheric conditions. Once the atmospheric properties of a layer or entity are set, global atmospheric changes will not affect the weather inside the layer or entity unless that layer or entity is disabled. The global atmospheric changes will, however, affect the weather within a transition band or transition perimeter.

CIGI supports the use of FASCODE, MODTRAN, SEDRIS, or other atmospheric models for determining radiance and transmittance within a heterogeneous atmosphere for sensor simulations. The Atmospheric Model Enable attribute determines whether an atmospheric model is used. The particular model is not specified and is determined by the IG.


None by default.


new $atmos_ctl = Rinchi::CIGIPP::AtmosphereControl->new()

Constructor for Rinchi::AtmosphereControl.

sub packet_type()
 $value = $atmos_ctl->packet_type();

Data Packet Identifier.

This attribute identifies this data packet as the Atmosphere Control packet. The value of this attribute must be 10.

sub packet_size()
 $value = $atmos_ctl->packet_size();

Data Packet Size.

This attribute indicates the number of bytes in this data packet. The value of this attribute must be 32.

sub atmospheric_model_enable([$newValue])
 $value = $atmos_ctl->atmospheric_model_enable($newValue);

Atmospheric Model Enable.

This attribute specifies whether the IG should use an atmospheric model to determine spectral radiances for sensor applications. If this attribute is set to Disable (0), source radiances will be calculated. If this attribute is set to Enable (1), apparent radiances will be calculated using the appropriate models.

    Disable   0
    Enable    1
sub humidity([$newValue])
 $value = $atmos_ctl->humidity($newValue);

Global Humidity.

This attribute specifies the global humidity of the environment.

sub air_temperature([$newValue])
 $value = $atmos_ctl->air_temperature($newValue);

Global Air Temperature.

This attribute specifies the global air temperature of the environment.

sub visibility_range([$newValue])
 $value = $atmos_ctl->visibility_range($newValue);

Global Visibility Range.

This attribute specifies the global visibility range through the atmosphere measured in meters.

sub horizontal_wind_speed([$newValue])
 $value = $atmos_ctl->horizontal_wind_speed($newValue);

Global Horizontal Wind Speed.

This attribute specifies the global wind speed, measured in meters/second, parallel to the ellipsoid-tangential reference plane.

sub vertical_wind_speed([$newValue])
 $value = $atmos_ctl->vertical_wind_speed($newValue);

Global Vertical Wind Speed.

This attribute specifies the global vertical wind speed measured in meters/second. A positive value produces an updraft, while a negative value produces a downdraft.

sub wind_direction([$newValue])
 $value = $atmos_ctl->wind_direction($newValue);

Global Wind Direction.

This attribute specifies the global wind direction.

Note: This is the direction from which the wind is blowing.

sub barometric_pressure([$newValue])
 $value = $atmos_ctl->barometric_pressure($newValue);

Global Barometric Pressure.

This attribute specifies the global atmospheric pressure measured in millibars (mb) or hectopascals (hPa). The units are interchangeable.

sub pack()
 $value = $atmos_ctl->pack();

Returns the packed data packet.

sub unpack([$buffer])
 $value = $atmos_ctl->unpack($buffer);

Unpacks the packed data packet.

sub byte_swap()
 $value = $atmos_ctl->byte_swap();

Byte swaps the packed data packet.


Refer the the Common Image Generator Interface ICD which may be had at this URL:


Brian M. Ames, <>


Copyright (C) 2009 by Brian M. Ames

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself, either Perl version 5.6 or, at your option, any later version of Perl 5 you may have available.

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