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Rinchi::CIGIPP::ImageGeneratorMessage - Perl extension for the Common Image Generator Interface - Image Generator Message data packet. data packet. =head1 SYNOPSIS

  use Rinchi::CIGIPP::ImageGeneratorMessage;
  my $ig_msg = Rinchi::CIGIPP::ImageGeneratorMessage->new();

  $packet_type = $ig_msg->packet_type();
  $packet_size = $ig_msg->packet_size();
  $message_ident = $ig_msg->message_ident(32020);
  $message = $ig_msg->message('Error 1234');


The Image Generator Message packet is used to pass error, debugging, and other text messages to the Host.

These messages may be saved to a log file and/or written to the console or other user interface. Because file and console I/O are not typically real-time in nature, it is recommended that the IG only send Image Generator Message packets while in Debug mode.

Each message is composed of multiple eight-bit character data. The text message must be terminated by NULL, or zero (0). If the terminating byte is not the last byte of the eight-byte double-word, then the remainder of the double-word must be padded with zeroes. Zero-length messages must be terminated with four bytes containing NULL (to maintain 64-bit alignment). The maximum text length is 100 characters, including a terminating NULL.


None by default.


new $ig_msg = Rinchi::CIGIPP::ImageGeneratorMessage->new()

Constructor for Rinchi::ImageGeneratorMessage.

sub packet_type()
 $value = $ig_msg->packet_type();

Data Packet Identifier.

This attribute identifies this data packet as the Image Generation Message packet. The value of this attribute must be 117.

sub packet_size([$newValue])
 $value = $ig_msg->packet_size($newValue);

Data Packet Size.

This attribute indicates the number of bytes in this data packet. The value of this attribute must be 4 plus the length of the message text, including NULL characters. The value of this attribute must be at least 8 and no more than 104 bytes. This allows for a message length of up to 100 characters, including the terminating NULL.

Note: Because all packets must begin and end on a 64-bit boundary, the value of this attribute must be an even multiple of eight (8).

sub message_ident([$newValue])
 $value = $ig_msg->message_ident($newValue);

Message ID.

This attribute specifies a numerical identifier for the message.

sub message([$newValue])
 $value = $ig_msg->message($newValue);

Message string.

These 8-bit data are used to store the ANSI codes for each character in the message string.

Note: The maximum number of characters, including a terminating NULL, is 100.

sub pack()
 $value = $ig_msg->pack();

Returns the packed data packet.

sub unpack()
 $value = $ig_msg->unpack();

Unpacks the packed data packet.

sub byte_swap()

Byte swaps the packed data packet.


Refer the the Common Image Generator Interface ICD which may be had at this URL:


Brian M. Ames, <>


Copyright (C) 2009 by Brian M. Ames

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself, either Perl version 5.6 or, at your option, any later version of Perl 5 you may have available.

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