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William J. Middleton


Tk::Xrm - X Resource/Defaults/Options routines that obey the rules.


   use Tk;
   use Tk::Xrm;  


Using this modules causes Tk's Option code to be replaced by versions which use routines from <X11/Xresource.h> - i.e. same ones every other X toolkit uses.

Result is that "matching" of name/Class with the options database follows the same rules as other X toolkits. This makes it more predictable, and makes it easier to have a single ~/.Xdefaults file which gives sensible results for both Tk and (say) Motif applications.


Currently optionAdd('key' = 'value' [, priority])> ignores optional priority completely and just does XrmPutStringResource(). Perhaps it should be more subtle and do XrmMergeDatabases() or XrmCombineDatabase().

This version is a little slower than Tk's re-invention but there is more optimization that can be done.