Tomas Doran
and 1 contributors


Net::Zuora - SOAP::Lite wrapper around the Zuora Z-Billing API


    use Net::Zuora;
    my $z = Net::Zuora->new(
        usename => 'MyAPIUserName',
        password => 'MyAPIPassword',


Perl wrapper around SOAP::Lite to interface with the Zuora Z-Billing API (


THIS CODE IS INCOMPLETE - it does not currently support all the features of the Zuora API, and is not currently being developed.

It is here as a guide/starting point for someone looking to implement a wrapper to Zuora's API in perl.



Plenty, along with missing features. This module was implemented whilst we were evaluating the Zuora solution, however it is in no way feature complete, but I thought I should share it to give the next person coming to this problem a useful base to start from.

Code is available on github from:

Patches (and taking over this project entirely) welcome.


Tomas Doran (t0m) <>


All perl code is Copyright (c) 2009 state51 and is licensed under the same terms as perl itself.

The .wsdl file distributed with this distribution is Copyright (c) Zuora and is free to distribute unmodified as long as this copyright notice is maintained.