Gabriel Horner


Fry::Lib - Class for shell libraries.


A Fry::Lib object has the following attributes:

        Attributes with a '*' next to them are always defined.

        *id($): Unique id which is full name of module.
        *vars(\@): Contains ids of variables in its library.
        *opts(\@): Contains ids of options in its library.
        *cmds(\@): Contains ids of commmands in its library.
        class($): Class autoloaded by library.
        depend(\@): Modules which library depends on.


        runLibInits(@libs): Calls &_initLib of libraries if they exist.
        fullName(@libs): Converts aliased libraries that begin with ':' to their full path in Fry::Lib.
        setAllObj(%data): Creates core class objects defined by a data hash whose
                structure is the same as used to define &_default_data in a library
        loadLib($lib): Creates library object and loads library into shell's
                executable path.
        loadLibs(@libs):  loads libraries
        unloadLib(@libs): unloads libraries
        reloadLibs(@libs): reloads libraries, uses
        checkAndLoadLibs(@libs): loads libraries if not loaded
        libsLoaded(@libs): returns boolean indicating if libraries are loaded
        requireLibraries(@libs): commandline version of &checkAndLoadLib
        initLibs(@libs): loads libraries and runs &runLibInits on them


        LIBRARIES section of Fry::Shell.


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Copyright (c) 2004, Gabriel Horner. All rights reserved.

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.