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Solaris::SMF::Service - Encapsulate Solaris 10 services in Perl


Version 0.02


Interface to Sun's Service Management Facility in Solaris 10. This module provides a wrapper around 'svcs', 'svcadm' and 'svccfg'.

The SMF in Solaris is a replacement for inetd as well as the runlevel-based stopping and starting of daemons. Service definitions are stored in an XML database.

The biggest advantages in using SMF are the resiliency support, consistent interface and inter-service dependencies it offers. Services that die for any reason can be automatically restarted by the operating system; all services can be enabled or disabled using the same commands; and services can be started as soon as all the services they depend upon have been started, rather than at a fixed point in the boot process.



Create a new Service object. The parameter must be a valid, unique FMRI.


Get the current status of this service. Returns a string, 'disabled', 'enabled', 'offline'.


Returns the Fault Managed Resource Identifier for this service.


Returns all or some properties for this service.


Returns the value of a single property of this service.


Returns the type of a single property of this service.


This instructs SMF to disable the service permanently. To disable temporarily, that is until the next time the server is rebooted, use the 'stop' method.


This instructs SMF to stop the service. It uses the -t flag to svcadm, so that using this call will not prevent the service from starting the next time the server reboots.


This instructs SMF to enable the service permanently. To enable temporarily, that is until the next time the server is rebooted, see the 'start' method.


This instructs SMF to start the service. This change is not made persistent unless you use the 'enable' method.


This instructs SMF to refresh the service. Needed whenever alterations are made to a service's properties. It acts as the analogue of a SQL 'commit'.


This instructs SMF to clear the service's state, that is, to remove the 'failed' marker from it. This is needed prior to starting a failed service.


This instructs SMF to mark the service as failed.


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You can find documentation for this module with the perldoc command.

    perldoc Solaris::SMF::Service

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