brackup-target - Manage your backup targets


 $ brackup-target [opts] <target_name> list_backups
 $ brackup-target [opts] <target_name> get_backup <backup_file>
 $ brackup-target [opts] <target_name> get_backups
 $ brackup-target [opts] <target_name> delete_backup <backup_file>
 $ brackup-target [opts] <target_name> prune   # remove old backups
 $ brackup-target [opts] <target_name> gc      # run garbage collector



Destination to write files to. Defaults to current working directory.


Be verbose with status.


Do not actually execute write operations.


To be used in combination with the prune command. This overrides the keep_backups option specified in the configuration file.

--source <source>

To be used in combination with the prune command. This restricts the prune operation to only delete backup files from the given source.


To be used in combination with the gc command. Runs interactively, requiring an explicit confirmation before deleting chunks that have been garbage collected. Implies --verbose.


Brackup is distributed as-is and comes without warranty of any kind, expressed or implied. We aren't responsible for your data loss.




Brad Fitzpatrick <>

Copyright (c) 2006-2007 Six Apart, Ltd. All rights reserved.

This module is free software. You may use, modify, and/or redistribute this software under the terms of same terms as perl itself.