This is a utility script for the Vote::Count Distribution. Method Documentation is being written conventionally as inline POD, Documentation files are being written in MarkDown. This utility will convert markdown files to pod files, and insert pod into modules that have a markdown file. The insertion will be between lines that have #buildpod comments.

As an added convenience buildpod will read the version from dist.ini and replace the version strings in modules.

Someday I may make a Dist::Zilla plugin out of this.



./ fixfooter



John Karr (BRAINBUZ)


Copyright 2019-2021 by John Karr (BRAINBUZ)


This module is released under the GNU Public License Version 3. See license file for details. For more information on this license visit


This software is provided as is, per the terms of the GNU Public License. Professional support and customisation services are available from the author.

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