Bitcoin::Crypto::Exception - Exception class for Bitcoin::Crypto purposes


        use Try::Tiny;

        try {
                decode_segwit("Not a segwit address");
        } catch {
                my $error = $_;

                # $error is an instance of Bitcoin::Crypto::Exception and stringifies automatically
                warn "$error";

                # but also contains some information about the problem to avoid regex matching
                if ($error->isa("Bitcoin::Crypto::Exception::Bech32InputFormat")) {
                        log $error->message;


A wrapper class with automatic stringification and standarized raising using Throwable::Error. Contains many other inline packages that identify parts that went wrong (like Bitcoin::Crypto::Exception::KeySign for errors in signature generation). See individual Bitcoin::Crypto packages documentation to see the exception classes to check for extra control flow when needed.



        Bitcoin::Crypto::Exception->raise("error message");

Creates a new instance and throws it. If used on an object, throws it right away.


Same as raise.


        Bitcoin::Crypto::Exception->trap_into(sub {
                die "something went wrong";

Executes the subroutine given as the only parameter inside an eval. Any exceptions thrown inside the subroutine will be re-thrown after turning them into objects of the given class.