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yote_server - Turn on and off the Yote Server/Webserver


The Yote server serves up web pages and IO for javascript Yote requests.

yote_server --help yote_server --show_config yote_server --generate # create new configuration and run yote yote_server start # run yote


This program is the Yote server. At the time of writing this is not daemonized ( there are some issues using the forks module together with daemonization ).

This uses the configuration in the yote.conf file in the yote root directory. The yote root directory is set upon installation and is usually /opt/yote.

When yote is run for the first time, it asks a series of configuration questions. These can be revisited by




Though Yote has unit tests that are run upon install, its web based components are written in javascript, and a javascript interpreter has not been created for this test framework yet. There is a test that can be manually run. To run, start the yote server and point a browser to http://localhost:yoteport/yote/unit_tests.html. Also included are tests for file uploads at http://localhost:yoteport/yote/upload_test.html


Most systems will require root permissions to run this. Since this cannot be run at this time as a daemon, it can be run manually in a screen. To stop the server, hit control C.


There are no known bugs, but since this software is Beta or below, bugs are highly likely to exist. Please inform the author if bugs are encountered.


Eric Wolf


Copyright (C) 2011-2013 Eric Wolf

This module is free software; it can be used under the same terms as perl itself.