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Yote - Code server side, use client side.


$ yote_server start

Yote is a platform that

    * serves up any number of separate applications

    * provides account management

    * provides access control for objects and methods

Yote on the server side is a server that is a

    * container objects exist in a graph structure

    * multi-threaded request handling

    * Object fields and connections are contents are free form and require no schema definition

Yote on the client is a javascript library that provides

    * RPC bound yote objects

    * web controls that bind to the yote objects

    * web controls for account management

    * web widgets for use with yote objects


The purpose of Yote to be able to develop rapidly, flexbily and fluidly. Yote stores a graph of interconnected container objects. Each of these can be connected to any other, and each may have properties attached to them. No schema is needed to describe how objects are connected or what properties they contain.

There is an organization to this object graph, however; all objects that are 'live' can trace back to the root of the graph. This root contains a collection of user logins and application objects. It provides methods for creating these login objects, which, since they are Yote objects, can have arbitrary properties attached to them. The application objects are singleton Yote objects are are accessed via the fetch_app_by_class method attached to the root.

I wrote Yote because I wanted to write object oriented applications, particulally web applications and prototypes, in a ferenic ADHD style. I did want want to have to set up schemas, and then make changes to them as the application changed.



Calling this returns an array ref of configuration arguments as that have been passed in through the @ARGV array or that are saved in the yote configuration. If no configuration has been saved, this program prompts the user for configuration values and saves them if able.

run( %args )

This method activates starts the Yote server with configuration values that have been passed in. It does not return until the yote server has shut down.


There are likely bugs to be discovered. This is alpha software.


Eric Wolf


Copyright (C) 2011 Eric Wolf

This module is free software; it can be used under the same terms as perl itself.