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This module is the gatekeeper that decides which objects may returned to clients from their calls by paying attention to what the server explicitly pushed out to the client. It also tracks which clients need which objects refreshed.

The ObjManager class is not publically visible to the client.


allows_access( $object_id, $app_object, $login_object, $guest_token )

This returns true for the following cases : The login object has the root bit set, the login was passed the object id in question, the app is an AppRoot, or the user is not logged in but has a guest token that may have been given access to that object_id.

clear_login( $login, $guest_token )

This method removes all information the ObjManager has about the passed in login ( if any ) and guest token.

fetch_dirty( $login, $guest_token )

Returns a list of object ids that need to be refreshed for the client of the login or guest token

mark_dirty( $obj_id )

Notes the object is dirty and checks to see if the object is registered with any logins or guest tokens so it can inform them.

register_object( $obj_id, $recipient_id )

Registers the object id with the passed in login id or guest token.


Eric Wolf


Copyright (C) 2011 Eric Wolf

This module is free software; it can be used under the same terms as perl itself.