PurpleWiki::Search::Arts - Search Arts Repositories


This module add searching of Arts repositories to the PurpleWiki module search system. Arts repositories are made up of flat text files in PurpleWiki wikitext format.


Arts was originally written to be a lightweight knowledge base system with an email gateway for submissions. When PurpleWiki was developed Arts was extended to keeps its files in PurpleWiki wikitext format so the files could easily use PurpleNumbers. This modified Arts system is currently unavailable for release. Interested parties should contact the author of this module.

This module is provided in part as a demonstration of ways to search text files with the PurpleWiki Search system.

To use this module additions are required to the PurpleWiki configuation file: config. The changes are:

  SearchModule = Arts
  ArtsDirectory = /directory/containing/

The trailing slash is required.

Multiple repositories may be searched if they are all listed in the same Arts configuration file.


See PurpleWiki::Search::Interface


Chris Dent, <>


PurpleWiki::Search::Interface. PurpleWiki::Search::Engine. PurpleWiki::Search::Result.