PurpleWiki::Search::MovableType - Search MovableType blogs


This module allows searching of a MovableType installation from within PurpleWiki. Multiple blogs from one MovableType configuration may be searched.


MovableType (see is a publishing system commonly used for weblogs. PurpleWiki includes a plugin that allows MovableType content to be saved in PurpleWiki wikitext format with PurpleNumbers, TransClusion, and linked WikiWords. This combination makes a very powerful WikiBlog.

This search module provides searching of a MovableType weblog from a PurpleWiki installation on the same server as the weblog. Running the plugin mentioned above is not required.

To use the module add the following to the PurpleWiki configuration file config:

  SearchModule = MovableType
  MovableTypeDirectory = /path/to/mt/configuration/directory/
  MovableTypeBlogID = <blog id numeral>

MovableTypeDirectory points to the directory where mt.cfg can be found. The trailing slash is required.

MovableTypeBlogID is the numeric identifier of the blog or blogs to be searched. More than one may be searched by adding additional MovableTypeBlogID lines to the config file. To find the ID, look in the URL in the location box when using the administrative interface to MT.


See PurpleWiki::Search::Interface.


Chris Dent, <>


PurpleWiki::Search::Interface. PurpleWiki::Search::Engine. PurpleWiki::Search::Result.