Author image Chris Dolan
and 1 contributors


FLV::FromSWF - Convert a SWF file into an FLV file


See FLV::Info


   use FLV::FromSwf;
   my $converter = FLV::FromSWF->new();

See also swf2flv.


Transcodes SWF files into FLV files. See the swf2flv command-line program for a nice interface and a detailed list of caveats and limitations.



Instantiate a converter and prepare an empty FLV.


Open and traverse the specified SWF file, creating FLV data as we find video and audio nodes.


Write out an FLV file. Note: this should be called only after parse_swf(). Throws an exception upon error.


Content in the SWF other than audio or video data is currently ignored silently. I should add warning messages when significant non-audio/video content appears. For example, I've seen some screen video which mixes video, bitmaps and shapes to optimize the SWF file size.


See FLV::Info