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Bio::DB::ReferenceI - A RandomAccessI-like abstract interface for retrieving Reference data from a sequence database and returning Bio::Annotation::Reference objects


  # get a database object somehow using a concrete class

  $ref = $db->get_Reference_by_id('123456');

  # $ref is a Bio::Annotation::Reference object


This is a pure interface class - in other words, all this does is define methods which other (concrete) classes will actually implement.

The Bio::DB::ReferenceI class defines methods used to retrieve reference data from a sequence. This is returned in the form of Bio::Annotation::Reference objects.

At the moment it is just the ability to make Bio::Annotation::Reference objects from a name or unique id (id), an accession number (acc), and so on.


Ewan Birney originally wrote Bio::DB::RandomAccessI, from which this class is based.

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The rest of the documentation details each of the object methods. Internal methods are usually preceded with a _


 Title   : get_Reference_by_id
 Usage   : $ref = $db->get_Reference_by_id('123456')
 Function: Gets a Bio::Annotation::Reference-implementing object by its name (id)
 Returns : a Bio::Annotation::Reference object or undef if not found
 Args    : the id (as a string) of a sequence


 Title   : get_Reference_by_acc
 Usage   : $ref = $db->get_Reference_by_acc('X77802');
 Function: Gets a Bio::Annotation::Reference object by accession number
 Returns : A Bio::Annotation::Reference object or undef if not found
 Args    : accession number (as a string)
 Throws  : "more than one sequences correspond to this accession"
            if the accession maps to multiple primary ids and
            method is called in a scalar context


 Title   : get_Reference_by_version
 Usage   : $ref = $db->get_Reference_by_version('X77802.1');
 Function: Gets a Bio::Annotation::Reference object by sequence version
 Returns : A Bio::Annotation::Reference object
 Args    : accession.version (as a string)
 Throws  : "acc.version does not exist" exception