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Bio::SeqIO::locuslink - LocusLink input/output stream


   # don't instantiate directly - instead do
   my $seqio = Bio::SeqIO->new(-format => "locuslink", -file => \STDIN);


This module parses LocusLink into Bio::SeqI objects with rich annotation, but no sequence.

The input file has to be in the LL_tmpl format - the tabular format will not work.

The way the current implementation populates the object is rather a draft work than a finished work of art. Note that at this stage the LocusLink entries cannot be round-tripped, because the parser loses certain information. For instance, most of the alternative transcript descriptions are not retained. The parser also misses any element that deals with visual representation (e.g., 'button') except for the URLs. Almost all of the pieces of the annotation are kept in a Bio::Annotation::Collection object, see Bio::Annotation::Collection for more information.


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