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check_URLs.pl - validate URLs located in module code and POD


check_URLs.pl [-d|--dir path] [-v|--verbose] [-?|-h|--help]


Checks code and POD of all bioperl-live modules for URLs, and validates them.

Output is a series of lines containing two fields, tab separated. The first field is the file with the bad URL, the second is the URL itself.

The whole URL is not retrieved, only a HTTP "HEAD" request is done to see if the URL exists on the server. The request is done using LWP::Simple so the http_proxy environmental variable will be honoured.

The URL parsing may not be perfect - although I use the Regexp::Common::URI module, I have to manually clean up some URLs which are embedded in Perl strings to convert the matched URL to a more probable real world URL, e.g. most URLs don\'t end in "'," or ")" :-)


-d | --dir path

Overides the default directory to recursively look for .pm file (Default is '../Bio')

-v | --verbose

Show the progress through files during the POD checking.

-? | -h | --help

This help text.


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Reporting Bugs

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AUTHOR - Torsten Seemann

Email: torsten-dot-seemann-at-infotech-dot-monash-dot-edu-dot-au