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dependencies.pl - check modules and scripts for dependencies not in core


dependencies.pl [--dir path ] [-v|--verbose] [--depfile file] [-?|-h|--help] [-p|--perl version]


Recursively parses directory tree given (defaults to '../Bio') and checks files for possible dependencies and versions (use/require statements). Checks that modules aren't part of perl core (--version, defaults to 5.006001). Module information is returned using CPANPLUS and data is output to a table using Perl6::Form (yes I managed to get perl6 in here somehow).


File::Find - core Getopt::Long - core CPANPLUS::Backend Perl6::Form Module::CoreList


--dir path

Overides the default directories to check by one directory 'path' and all its subdirectories.

--depfile file

The name of the output file for the dependencies table. Default is '../DEPENDENCIES.NEW'

-v | --verbose

Show the progress through files during the checking. Not used currently.

-p | --perl version

Perl version (in long form, i.e. 5.010, 5.006001). Used to weed out the core modules that should be already present (ActiveState, we're staring at you sternly).

-s | --skipbio

Skips BioPerl-related modules in DEPENDENCIES.

We may add something in the future to allow other forms.

-? | -h | --help

This help text.


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AUTHOR - Chris Fields

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