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Bio::Root::Version - provide global, distribution-level versioning


  package Bio::Tools::NiftyFeature;
  require Bio::Root::RootI;

  # later, in client code:
  package main;
  use Bio::Tools::NiftyFeature 3.14;

  ## alternative usage: NiftyFeature defines own $VERSION:
  package Bio::Tools::NiftyFeature;
  my $VERSION = 9.8;

  # later in client code:
  package main;

  # ensure we're using an up-to-date BioPerl distribution
  use Bio::Perl 3.14;

  # NiftyFeature has its own versioning scheme:
  use Bio::Tools::NiftyFeature 9.8;


This module provides a mechanism by which all other BioPerl modules can share the same $VERSION, without manually synchronizing each file.

Bio::Root::RootI itself uses this module, so any module that directly (or indirectly) uses Bio::Root::RootI will get a global $VERSION variable set if it's not already.


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AUTHOR - Aaron Mackey

Email amackey@virginia.edu


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