Christian Lemburg


Test::Unit::TestResult - unit testing framework helper class


This class is not intended to be used directly


This class is used by the framework to record the results of tests, which will throw an instance of a subclass of Test::Unit::Exception in case of errors or failures.

To achieve this, this class gets called with a test case as argument. It will call this test case's run method back and catch any exceptions thrown.

This is the quintessential call tree of the communication needed to record the results of a given test:

    $aTestCase->run() {
        # creates result
        $aTestResult->run($aTestCase) { 
            # catches exception and records it
            $aTestCase->run_bare() {
                # runs test method inside eval
                $aTestCase->run_test() {
                    # calls method $aTestCase->name() 
                    # and propagates exception
                    # method will call Assert::assert() 
                    # to cause failure if test fails on 
                    # test assertion
                    # it finds this because $aTestCase is-a Assert


Copyright (c) 2000 Christian Lemburg, <>.

All rights reserved. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

Thanks go to the other PerlUnit framework people: Brian Ewins, Cayte Lindner, J.E. Fritz, Zhon Johansen.